Our mission here at PM Linear is to provide the North American market with the best possible solution and products through impeccable customer service and competitive pricing. We strive for honesty, reliability, and innovation among our company and will deliver to our customers using the same philosophy.

We utilize two strategic locations for our facilities: the first being in Chino Hills, CA and the other being in Newton, NC. These placements allow our company to reliably service our customers all across North America in an efficient yet effective manner.

We recognize an everchanging market and will continuously adapt to stay on top of all the variable trends that may take place in the industry. We have a comprehensive inventory and our team is constantly on the search for new products and unique ways to enhance the customer experience with PM Linear. Our Chino Hills facility is equipped with a full Cutting Center capable of creating custom shaft orders on demand for short turnaround times.

Our experienced team of engineers and technical personnel fully utilize the vast amount of resources at our disposable to assist our customers in serving their linear motion needs while offering a cost-effective solution for their applications.

Cutting Center

  • No set up charges
  • Same day delivery available
  • Shafts cut to specified lengths
  • All ends hand chamfered to 1/16” x 45, unless called out differently

Core Values

Our business model derives from excellence, establishment, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with the best possible sales experience though superior product quality, exceptional customer service, reliable communications, and prompt delivery.

Value Proposition

PM Linear stocks an expansive inventory on our shelves in either facility and is constantly updating our stock with new products. Coupled with a knowledgeable and well-informed customer service team, we are on the standby to assist our customer base for any inquiries that may arise. We are fully confident in our ability to provide the linear motion industry with the parts and service it needs.

Markets we Serve

  • Fitness
  • Printing & Etching
  • Equipment Automation
  • Agriculture
  • Assembly
  • Bio-Medical Devices
  • Woodworking